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SymplifiHealth: Healthcare Redefined

Dec 28, 2020

Aurelia Bryne RDH was dying to interview Dr. Jill Wade and Dr. LaDuque on the latest in
technology to reduce snoring. 69% of the population of adults suffer from snoring. The rest of
the population probably also suffers because of their partners poor sleeping habits. What if
there was technology available to quickly simply and with no downtime help reduce the noise.
Who wouldn’t be interested?
The doctors reveal the science behind the laser technology but also the pros and cons of this
therapy versus other existing techniques and treatments. Many may wonder if this is an
alternative for c paps. Unfortunately, no…. yet it can be utilized in conjunction with any other
sleep aide or device.
The whole beautiful part of Solea Sleep is that this wavelength of Co2 Laser can gently
penetrate through the mobile or flappy tissue in the soft palate or back of throat that vibrates
and creates the noise. It allows the collagen layer to tighten up and literally become tighter
therefore reducing the vibrational noise.
If you are not sure that you snore or you want to know how much you snore, then we suggest
downloading The SNORELAB app and begin recording your sleep at night. The app with quantify
your snore volume level and amount of time each night that you are actively snoring.
Listen in to this podcast and take a huge step towards getting you or your loved one better
sleep. You know how much Symplifihealth believes that good healthy sleep is CRITICAL for
optimal health and well-being. Be sure to share this podcast episode to all your friends and
family. Give the gift of a SILENT NIGHT!!! Happy Holidays.