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Aug 16, 2018

Today, we’re going to start the discussion of lifestyle choices and the chance to reduce your risk of a heart attack by 92%—that’s huge, guy. Heart attacks are the number one killer of women and more than all cancers combined that people died from. So heart attacks kill more people than all cancers combined.

We use these word choices for a reason. Why? Because we have a complete choice—100% choice—of how we live our lives. We choose what we want to eat, what we drink, and we choose if we’re going to exercise or not. I want to highlight a few lifestyle choices that will decrease your risk by 92% of a heart attack, choices that you can control. It’s more effective on saving your life than any magic pill that you can take or be prescribed with.

Some of you may know that we're big supporters and advocates of the American Heart Association. They are truly dedicated to heart-health education and research and they do a great, great job. We're so proud to be a supporter of them and to be a Circle Of Red member.

Back in 2010, the American Heart Association came up with their seven essentials list for heart health. We're going to quickly review those seven items with you.

If you would like a printout of this, feel free to visit our site at and you can print an easy download version for yourself.

This list became really very important to research in order for them to create relevant research and to document it to help patients themselves, but even more to help doctors actually take care of patients.