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SymplifiHealth: Healthcare Redefined

Jun 13, 2019

Live at the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, TX. Co-host Aurelia Byrne speaks with Jacklyn Hurth a population health researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Jacklyn discusses the need for the HPV vaccination the only vaccination that prevents oral cancer and cervical cancer. She dives deep into the...

Jun 3, 2019

The NetFLix documentary called "The Root Cause" certainly has created a buzz. Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH elevate the conversation and address their opinion on the facts that were presented and some facts that were left out. Listen to this episode to hear their philosophy on root canals, infections, implants,...

Jun 3, 2019

Aurelia Byrne Interviews Dr. Chowdhury Owner/Team Leader of Integrative Health & Heart about the ApoE Gene. This podcast discusses how she incorporates the results of this simple genetic blood test and the impact it has on an individual's fat metabolism. What genotype are you?