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SymplifiHealth: Healthcare Redefined

Jan 21, 2023

Dr Jill Wade interviews the talented Esther Blum, Author of See You Later Ovulator! A guide to Mastering Menopause with Nutrition, Hormones, and Self Advocacy


Men and women should all look forward to this cheeky episode of SymplifiHealth Podcast.

She has a great entertaining voice on this topic. No matter if you are...

Jan 21, 2023

Dr. Jill Wade explores with Brigette Sobus the power of NLP therapy. What is that you ask???

Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Science now proves that our minds have neuro plasticity, which means we can retrain our pathways. Our old unhealthy thoughts or triggers can be reshaped and repatterned into a healthier more joyous...

Jan 21, 2023

Welcome back to SymplifiHealth Podcast. Let’s get the new year started off right! Dr Jill Wade hosts the first-time guest Dr. Alexis Gordan, owner and medical director of RENEW MD Facial Esthetics.


Listen to the docs discuss the accelerated aging they have witnessed in their patient base since covid began. Gravity...