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Nov 29, 2018

The mouth is the start of the digestive tract. Strong acid of the stomach was never meant to be in the mouth and if it back flows, even in vapor form, it can wreck your teeth and eventually erode your throat to harbor cancer causing environments.

This episode of Symplifihealth shares easy lifestyle common sense changes that can help you and your family stay healthier. Join Dr. Jill Wade and Dr. Neelesh Mehendale having a burning conversation that needs to be heard on silent reflux. Listen for detailed descriptions on what you might be experiencing like dry coughing, bad breath, burning, tickle in the throat, something stuck in your throat, or new cavities. Hear from an amazing Ear Nose Throat specialist explain the difference between Band-Aid therapies and root cause solutions. Small lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on calming reflux down.

This episode will:

Identify symptoms of acid reflux

Provide Band-Aide solutions versus root cause therapy

Review lifestyle changes needed to reduce silent reflux

Discuss how stress increases acid production

If you suspect you are having issues with reflux, then why not start at an ENT office versus a gastro consult. An easy and quick in-office scope can find the answer in minutes. Proper diagnosis and simple changes can lead to a healthier you.

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