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Dec 27, 2018

Creating a healthy work place is instrumental in reducing stress. Co-hosts Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH take a deep dive discussion with Dr. Cathy Jameson about finding solutions to common stressors in our daily work environments.

Communication is the foundation of success and maintaining stress free systems.

Disharmony comes from dysfunctional systems. Therefore, we must be skilled at problem solving tactics. In this podcast we go step by step describing a problem solving technique.

Time management principles need to be reviewed by each and every member of the team to help allow you to spend majority of your time doing the most productive items for the business.

List all the things you do and rate them in importance of the bottom line of the practice 1-5 (1 being very important). Now focus on the 4 and 5 tasks and ask these questions:

Could I do these tasks in less time or be more efficient?

Could I delegate or outsource these tasks to someone else?

Could this task be eliminated?

Identifying stressors is tricky because what may stress one person out may not stress another. Yet if chronic stress continues in your life on a daily ,weekly, monthly or yearly pattern without resolution you will get sick. Sick employees or leaders are not productive and can literally cost the business money.

Find ways to add mindfulness, gratitude, meditation or deep breathing into your daily life. Devote time at end of your day to list 6 items that need to be done the next day in order of priority. Finish your day with a positive message and allow your subconscious brain to stop trying to organize your thoughts all night long. The proven scientific enhancement of sleep will allow your body to heal the effects of a stressful day.

Dr. Cathy Jameson is an amazing author of multiple books but her latest is “Creating a Healthy Work Environment” which can be found on Amazon.

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