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Jul 11, 2019

Have you lost a loved one physically or mentally from dementia or Alzheimers? It is a devastating disease to watch. As our population lives longer, I think their are many of us more worried about losing our minds while living than actually facing death. Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH discuss the latest news in scientific research that links the cause of Alzheimers directly to dentistry. A bacteria called Porphyromonas gingivalis is a common bacteria in the cause of gum disease. This same bacteria was announced to be a potential causative player in the onset and progression of the destructive process of Alzheimers.
The good news is that we were already watching this aggressive pathogen as a high risk factor for cardiovascular disease and can diagnose it easily with OralDNA testing. Periodontal therapy, scaling and root planning, deeper cleanings all describe techniques we use to address optimizing the gum around teeth and reducing the infection of p. gingivalis and many other harmful bacterias.
This episode of the SymplifiHealth podcast provides more science supporting another important reason to get to your dentist on a regular basis and keep your gums healthy. And we as dental professionals need stop apologizing for telling our patients that they have periodontal disease. We are trying to save their lives and save their minds!