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SymplifiHealth: Healthcare Redefined

Jan 12, 2021

Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH with guest host Dr. Stephen LaDuque discussed some critical concepts about breathing! Take it all in and review the enormous effect on a person’s sleep quality and over-all health and wellness.

Highlighting the value of good breathing is under rated. So, join us in discussing some of the latest concepts in the book Breath by James Nestor. As dental professionals, we can evaluate the head and neck and assist you the patient in moving in the right direction if any treatment or therapy in needed to open the airway. We personally believe in snoring devices that move the lower jaw forward, lasers to perform a snoring reduction therapy, orthodontic expansion, and working closely with ENT specialists.

Dr. Wade shares her personal story of a lifetime of breathing challenges. If you have breathing issues or experience fatigue, then listen and learn to this breathe-taking Symplifihealth podcast where we bridge the gap between medicine, dentistry, and genetics.